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The Brothers Prewett

24th May, 2006. 5:42 pm. Private

While this event is underway, this will be my opportunity to set things right for Fabian.

I failed him when I didn't see that attack coming, even if I wasn't privy to that information. That won't happen again. Even Dorcas is on my side on this. Fabian doesn't need to know.

I'm going to get them.

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24th May, 2006. 5:35 pm.

So they're doing that this year, huh? Right after the dueling competition? They're keeping the students busy these days, aren't they?

Should be fun. I'll probably be going along. I'll keep you updated, Gideon. I've already sent you and Meadowes Owls about it. Try to keep it under wraps though, will you? I don't need the kiddies getting all excited before they're even told what's going on.

Speaking of the kiddies, I'm surprised. I'm having an easier time of teaching than I thought I'd have. I figured I was such a rowdy student that it wouldn't work, but when you're on the opposite side of the classroom, everything changes. Maybe it's your influence, Giddy. You should be teaching instead of me, that's for sure.

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4th May, 2006. 6:11 pm. Written with crooked handwriting

I'm not exactly sure how it happened, but I'm not only on the indefinite leave from work because of my injury, but I'm working at Hogwarts now teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts. Screw those who say it's cursed, I'll do it. It's better than sitting on my arse waiting to get better.

How did I end up injured? Well it's over now so I might as well spill. About a week ago there was a secret raid on a target that was uncovered by an undercover agent, and I was one of the ones on the team. Sorry, Dorcas, but you were still a bit too wet behind the ears for this mission, and I couldn't tell you or Gideon about it.

This raid could have been a perfect textbook example on how not to conduct a blind mission using what was at best tricky intelligence. I don't want to rag on our team-leader... because he's dead now, but he should have been paying more attention. An abandoned Muggle textiles warehouse screamed trap to me. He didn't do enough- we didn't do enough. We weren't careful enough, and that's when they got us.

I don't clearly remember what happened next, except that when I woke up I was in so much pain I went out again. Not only that, but I was missing an arm. My right arm. Gone. Burned off from the shoulder. Then I saw them, those two Death Eaters standing over me. The girl with the long black hair and her boyfriend. Must have been her boyfriend, the way they were going on with each other. I doubt those two could have killed six trained Aurors on their own. They talked about the others, and I think the others took off after doing us in. I'm not sure how I survived the first attack. I can't remember... I must have fought them off or they must have thought I'd been killed in the first wave or something...

So then the two got to torturing me, lovely that. Luckily I was able to keep my head by compartmentalizing and focusing on the pain on my elbow. It worked, but they seemed to be getting pretty frustrated. I was pretty sure they were going to kill me.

Then you showed up, Gideon. Dorcas. Ha ha. I'd never seen such a duel. You two drove those bastards off. Unbelievable. I can't thank you guys enough...

Anyway, so I was put on the injured list. I'm not done with being an Auror, but I'll use the year to teach you little prats how to take care of yourself while learning how to do everything with my off hand.

Why am I writing this? Why do you get to see everything that's happened to me, like it's any of your damn business? So you know where I'm coming from. So you don't need to ask the question in your minds, What the sod happened to that guy? and so you know that I am an Auror, not an invalid, and I will kick your arse if you get in my face. I'm here to teach. Bottom Line.

You saw me in the Entrance Feast, you've seen me all week and now I'm properly introducing myself. My name is Fabian Prewett and I'm you're Defense Against the Dark Arts professor. Just stay frosty and everything will be fine.

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19th April, 2006. 6:48 pm.

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26th February, 2006. 1:23 am.

Well, I must say that is how I think a wedding should be. I know some would like for it to be a social event and invite everyone under the sun, perhaps throw in some orchestras here and there, and a banquet fit for a monarch, and I have nothing against that sort of reception. However a wedding with a personal touch has its charms. The food was great, I'm sure Fabian wasn't disappointed, but really, it was a wonderful evening. The bride was radiant and the groom couldn't seem to stop smiling, and who could blame him?

So once again I thank the Lennox and Edgecombe families for inviting us, and best wishes to you, Maria and Louis Edgecombe.

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24th January, 2006. 2:31 pm.

Last night I was this close, this close to using an Unforgivable. I never would have thought I was capable of even thinking of doing something like that...

We had gotten the decree from higher up, allowing us... but I can tell you most of us have ignored it so far. Who wants to use an Unforgivable? How could it possibly help? It'd just make things worse, right? Dorc- Meadowes and I were in Knockturn Alley the other night, supervising a raid of this backwards little shop behind Borgins and Burkes, and the bloke there just went nuts. I mean off the bloody walls mad. Started tossing little bombs of rubbish at us: poison and curses and all sorts of nasty widgets. Then he pulled out his wand and started fighting back. You wouldn't think someone could be that tough against two Aurors, but he was keeping us on our toes. Meadowes was down, and I couldn't get this guy to stop! I threw everything I knew at him.

This close. I was this close to using the bloody Cruciatus. It would've dropped him like a bad habit, I was so bloody angry.

Instead I put everything I got to dropping the entire building on his arse. That stopped him.

I heard that on that night Ranulph over on the West end used the Cruciatus, and Desmond the Imperius on a bloke to get his other gang members to stand down.

This tripe's getting out of hand...

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12th January, 2006. 6:04 pm.

I had a very pleasant birthday at the Burrow. I had asked Molly and Fabian not to throw me a party, and of course they ignored me. I was embarrassed as always (I think birthdays have always made me feel a little uncomfortable and self-conscious for as long as I can remember. What can I say, I was an odd kid.) but I did enjoy myself. There really is nothing like the presence of family on a special occasion.

As for gifts, among others I got a model of a dragon made from clay that roars (well... squeaks, more like it, but what do you expect?) and a "certificate of being good" from the Bill's school of Prestidigitation. (A magician school, and I'll have you know I worked hard from that degree.) Fabian got me a book on how to loosen-up. Er, thanks again Fabian. At least you remembered I do like to read. All in all... it's been good.

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James Potter and Lily Evans, I'll get to you soon with a date for your little trip, but I'd like to speak with you both soon so that we all know what to expect. And how I expect you to behave. How did I get mixed up in this?

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30th November, 2005. 1:48 pm.

For the purposes of embarrassing my brother, I'd like to congratulate him and his partner, Auror Meadowes, for the apprehension of those responsible for Edgar Bones' killer. Well done you two. I hear you'll be receiving a medal of service for this.

Personally I can't wait. I love the way Fabian turns beet red when he's all up on a stage for whatever reason. Remember 6th Year? Need I say more? But at least this time you'll have Dorcas with you.

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20th October, 2005. 11:45 am.

Dueling will begin again soon. Instead I thought I'd leave you with a little story.

A kneazle was lying asleep in a witch's garden when he was suddenly attacked by a rather large and dangerous wolf. The wolf was about the devour him when the kneazle said, "Don't eat me yet! I'm all skin-and-bones at the moment, but the mistress is at a wedding right now. When she comes back, she'll bring me loads of delicious leftovers. Then I'll make a better meal for you!" After thinking it over, the wolf agreed to postpone his meal and went away.

Later the wolf returned to the witch's house. But the kneazle was nowhere to be found in the garden. Instead the wolf looked up and found the kneazle high on top of the roof, and called down to him to keep his promise.

But the kneazle replied, "Too late! Thanks to you I'll always sleep in a safe place. If you ever find me sleeping on the ground again, I'll deserve to be eaten!"

This was one of Aesop's fables, and one of my favourites as a child. It simply means two things; that mistakes are okay and inevitable. Even a clever kneazle can make one. But if you learn from them, then it's perfectly all right. It also means you shouldn't assume something is yours until it is. Seems simple enough, but you would be surprised at how many people fall into that trap.

See you all soon at the dueling. I might as well let you know that the Headmaster and I are working on another set of prizes for the winners, but I'll leave that until the end. Cheers.

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26th September, 2005. 3:59 pm.

There was a time when I enjoyed my job.

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