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The Brothers Prewett

Fabian & Gideon Prewett
Fabian and Gideon Prewett.

Name: Fabian Prewett
Birthday: October 20, 1953
Age: 22

Description: The older and shorter of the brothers, he boasts wider shoulders, dark hair, dark eyes and a more 'manly' appearence overall. Has been told quite often that he's sexy, and he has let it get to his head. But hey, he walks the walk.

History/Personality: Graduated a Gryffindor with perfect marks in his Defense and Charms exams, and a Chaser on Gryffindor's excellent Quidditch House team, Fabian had a pretty good time at school. Part of a generation of special children, he and his brother were popular amongst Gryffindors, his brother more popular than he was in the other Houses. He is the more outgoing brother, the one who's had more girlfriends, more parties, and more mates overall. Loud and brash, he backs up his mouth with bursts of raw power. As a wizard, he's one of far above average. As a brother he could use some work, but he's always faithful to his little bro.

Name: Gideon Prewett
Birthday: May 10, 1956
Age: 19

Description: The younger of the brothers, he's slight of frame and nearly a head taller, with slightly hair and eyes. His looks do little to convey the magical power within him, but it's like that with most wizards.

History/Personality: Graduated a Gryffindor with perfect marks in his Defense and Transfiguration exams, Gideon didn't play any sports, but spent much of his free time in the library studying, and was teased as a Ravenclaw as a result. Still, his boyishly handsome good looks and favourable personality hepled him through his days at school, along with his skill with a wand, which would put would-be bullies surprised and usually in their place. Gideon speaks quietly, and carries a rather large, metaphorical stick. Slow to anger, quick to think and more methodical with his plans, he's quite obviously the brain of this outfit.

It's obvious to see how the Prewetts, pureblood by birth, were important and active in the Order of the Phoenix, and how it took 5 Death Eaters, including Dolohov, to finally take them down. Does the fate of these brothers foreshadow a dreaded destiny for another famous wizarding duo named F & G?

Only time will tell.